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Daniele Basciotti

 Daniele Basciotti





Competence Unit

Sustainable Thermal Energy System




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TECHbase Vienna, Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Thermal Energy Systems

Main Research: Modelling, simulation and optimisation of district energy systems

Experience: Daniele Basciotti is working in the field of modeling, simulation and optimisation of thermal components of renewable energy systems with a special focus on district heating networks, and as part of his education he dealt with the design of automation/control systems. He is currently working in several national and international research projects such as the FP7 project OrPHEuS dealing with novel cooperative control strategies for hybrid energy grids (electric, thermal and gas networks).


  • Calibration and validation of a solar thermal system model in Modelica
    Author(s): G. Fontanella, D. Basciotti, F. Dubisch, F. Judex, A. Preisler, C. Hettfleisch, V. Vukovic, T. Selke
    Journal: Building Simulation, 5 (2012) ; 293-300
  • Demand side management in district heating networks: a simulation case study on load shifting
    Author(s): D. Basciotti, R.R. Schmidt
    Journal: Euroheat and Power (English Edition), 10 (2013) ; 43-46
  • Development and validation of a desiccant wheel model calibrated under transient operating conditions
    Author(s): A. Muzaffar, V. Vukovic, M. Hussain, D. Basciotti
    Journal: Applied Thermal Engineering, 2 (2013) ; 469-480
  • Sensible heat storage in district heating networks: a novel control strategy using the network as storage
    Author(s): D. Basciotti, F. Judex, O., R.R. Schmidt
    Conference 6. Internationale Konferenz und Ausstellung zur Speicherung Erneuerbarer Energien, Berlin
  • A multi-energy modelling, simulation and optimisation environment for urban energy infrastructure planning
    Author(s): D. Basciotti, J. Page., O. Pol., J.N. Figaldo, L. Fournié
    Conference Building simulation 2013, Chambery (France)
  • Simulation based analysis and evaluation of domestic hot water preparation principles for low temperature district heating networks
    Author(s): D. Basciotti, R.R. Schmidt, M. Köfinger, C. Doczekal
    Conference The 14th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Peak reduction in district heating networks - A comparison study and practical considerations
    Author(s): D. Basciotti, R.R. Schmidt
    Conference The 14th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling, Stockholm (Sweden)

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