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Development and Verification of a Bibliometric model for the Identification of Frontier Research - DBF

The goal of DBF is to provide a bibliometric monitoring for the peer review process of ERC grant application (GA). Particular interest will be devoted to the extent the GAs fulfil attributes of frontier research and the influence of these attributes on the decision of the panels. DBF will focus on the investigation of the evaluation of applications in Natural Sciences and Life Sciences. For this purpose, bibliometric parameters corresponding to what was defined as frontier research by the HLEG will be elaborated and applied on the relevant information available in the GAs as well as in the relevant publications authored by applicants prior to submission. A bibliometric ranking of the submitted applications will be obtained, which can be compared to the ranking/selection made by the peer review process. A per case analysis for the most evident deviations will be carried out under the involvement of experts in the respective field in order to identify either the need for adaptations in the bibliometric model or the need for drafting suggestions for the improvement of the peer review process. The work aims at a methodology that allows the co-monitoring of the peer review process from a bibliometric perspective and potentially shall identify additional critical elements for the future execution of the peer review process

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Coordinator: Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

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