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Stationary Storage Development

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System design and development for stationary storage on component and system level including simulation and rapid prototyping approaches.

Cell and Battery

  • System design considering power and energy (density), cell selection for module and package prototyping BMS, thermal management and safety aspects
  • 1D, 3D, and co-simulation on material, cell and pack level
  • Model-supported materials development and processing incl. electrode formulation, engineering and evaluation in different cell configurations
  • Development of BMS algorithms for estimation of SoX, and other operational values

Power Conversion System

  • Rapid prototyping of power electronics components with hardware-in-the-loop methods
  • Control design and control implementation
  • Advanced converter topologies and functions for smart grids
  • Converter design and development from concept to product level
  • Assessment of converter robustness and reliability

ICT & Controls

  • Control design, testing and implementation
  • Device interoperability and communication path integration testing
  • Field monitoring of controller prototypes

Storage System

  • System integration simulation with state of the art grid simulation approaches with DigSilent PowerFactory, Neplan and others
  • Evaluation of component interaction based on laboratory assessment with hardware-in-the-loop approaches