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Power Electronics Skills and Expertise


Transfering knowledge and know how into best-in-class products and solutions

  • Detailed design calculations of power electronics converters
  • Multi-level single and three-phase power bridge topologies
  • Custom Medium/High power bridge/stack design
  • Magnetics and EMC design


from protype to production-ready designs

  • Design for manufacturability, reliability and robustness
  • Schematic capture and PCB Layout design
  • Mechanical and Thermal design


innovative control solutions ready to use in your product

  • Advanced digital and analog control strategies
  • Grid synchronization and interaction (FRT, Anti-islanding etc.)
  • Cutting edge digital controls methods

Software and Firmware development

employing best software development practices

  • High level software architecture design
  • RTOS compliant DSP/uC Firmware and FPGA HDL code
  • Portable application software development