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Grid Interoperability and conformance testing for EV charging infrastructure

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The Flexible Electric Vehicle and Equipment Laboratory (FlexEVELab) provides the perfect
framework to evaluate the interactions between EV, EVSE, the electric power system
and the ICT environment of the smart grid. This feature has been generated by a unique
Hardware In the Loop setup that allows to directly couple the simulation environment
of the FlexEVELab with real hardware equipment.

The main components required for testing the interactions between the grid and the
electric vehicle, as well as its charging equipment are the grid itself, the charging
equipment and the car. These components are each available as a full software simulation,
as an emulator and as a real hardware component.

The FlexEVELab is embedded in the AIT SmartEST laboratory which offers a testing and
research infrastructure for future-oriented smart energy network systems. A wide range
of cutting-edge equipment can be combined in the laboratory, enabling new components
and control concepts as well as their interaction with the grid to be tested and optimized
under realistic operating conditions.

Offered services for component testing

  • Testing of communication protocols (e.g. IEC 61851, IEC 15118, OCPP)
  • Testing of EVSE against national grid codes
  • EV/EVSE connection to low voltage grid simulation
  • Analysis of charging characteristics
  • Interoperability expertise and support

Offered services for system testing

  • Vehicle and charging station interaction with the smart grid
  • Validation of smart charging algorithm in interaction with the grid
  • Hardware in the Loop environment for hardware and system development
  • Business case scenario validation