AIT LabLink as Convenient Uniform Interface

AIT aims to tackle the increasing complexity of our future energy system. The AIT-developed middleware AIT Lablink allows for quick and easy coupling of software and hardware components. This enables you to develop and evaluate novel power grid components and solutions in an effective and seamless way. AIT
Lablink is your door-opener to the rich-equipped AIT SmartEST laboratory and all our AIT Lablink-enabled components.

Solution prototyping and evaluation support

  • Free access to the AIT Lablink communication middleware.
  • Individual rapid prototyping & evaluation environment based on AIT-Lablink-enabled simulators and laboratory devices.
  • Prototyping and evaluation of your power grid software or hardware product in realistic grid environment (e.g., voltage control, power control, electric vehicle charging strategies, home energy management, demand response).
  • Assessment of your product’s interaction with thousands of other components in large-scale distribution grid simulation with C-HIL and P-HIL integration.

AIT LabLink

Software Solutions

  • Distribution grid simulators (DIgSILENT PowerFactory)
  • Communication simulator OMNeT++
  • Electric vehicle (EV) simulators

Communication Protocols

  • Grid level: IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus TCP/serial, IEC 61850, and others
  • EV level: IEC 15118, OCPP and others

Hardware Components

  • Real-time digital simulators
  • Controller hardware-in-the-loop (CHIL)
  • Power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL): 900 kVA grid emulator, line emulators, and more

Benefit from AIT LabLink Flexibility

Simple and fast access to our rich-equipped AIT SmartEST laboratory and its components

  • Configureable AIT Smart & Secure Secondary Substation
  • Open electric vehicle charging station
  • Open photovoltaic inverter platform (AIT Smart Grid Converter)
  • and many more

Make your development - Test with AIT