Smart Capacity Building

Based on our four fields of activity the AIT Urban Academy offers professionals and decision makers the latest innovations in smart urban development and management. The Urban Academy integrates deep insights, innovative planning processes, the latest urban trends and cutting-edge tools to facilitate smart and resilient planning and operations for cities and regions.

Your benefit

Participation in the Urban Academy will upgrade your skills in the application of the most advanced and integrative methodologies and AI-based tools—skills you can bring to your daily work and studies. Our experienced experts have designed courses that link practice and theory in truly insightful ways.

Tailored capacity building

Our expert team will tailor training courses to suit your needs related to the topic of smart and resilient urban development and management. Our many satisfied graduates work at ministries, planning associations, local authorities and NGOs located throughout the world— ranging from China to Iran and Brazil.

Summer school

Every summer the Urban Academy units city leaders, urban planners, real estate experts and urban researchers for a dedicated mission to explore, test and exchange on the latest innovations in the field of sustainable urban development.

Upcoming courses

Summer School 2018 registration will open soon.

Get in touch with us for a tailored capacity building programme for your organisation.