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Real-time Multimodal Traffic State Monitoring

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Efficient and effective management of transportation systems requires real-time information about the traffic state providing support to decision makers in organizations such as transport operators and traffic control centers. With increasing shares of multimodal trips involving different transportation means, insights about the traffic state of all modes including public transport, motor traffic and new sharing concepts in real-time is of paramount importance.

AIT develops and provides solutions for multimodal navigation applications, novel ticketing applications and other applications requiring information about the traffic state. This includes

  • Automatic Travel Mode Identification: Software modules for smartphone-based travel mode identification in real time, capable for the integration into a multitude of transport applications (e.g. Smartphone Apps for Ticketing).
  • Travel Time Identification and Prediction: Software modules for real-time identification of multimodal traffic state patterns (travel times, level-of-service) including unusual event detection and Short-term and mid-term predictions based on various (combined) data sources like GPS, Bluetooth, toll systems, etc.