eine Vielzahl an animierten, bunten Personen in verschiedenen Altersklassen

selecting target groups that matter

eine Dame und ein Herr deren Rücke uns zugewannt ist mit Blick auf deren Smartphones. Man kann jeweilse eine Route auf den Bildschirmen erkennen

In a world of increasingly diversifying services, rising information overload and strong societal individualization tendencies it becomes more and more important to understand individual mobility behavior determinants, identify specific behavior types and customize services. So far, common approaches for defining user groups are mainly based on easily measurable features (e.g. gender, age, transport mode) or stereotypes, which lead to highly heterogeneous groups regarding attitudes or behavior patterns. The segmentation of user groups, however, should be based on specific determinants of mobility behavior (e.g. lifestyles) for achieving groups of homogeneous behavior in order to better understand behavior phenomena and provide efficient and accepted services.

To overcome the limitations of current approaches for target group definition, we combine findings and methods from different disciplines in order to identify expedient target groups showing homogeneous attitudes and/or behavior. Depending on the specific objective, several approaches are used:

  • Defining target groups dependent on features with strong influence on mobility behavior (e.g. transportation disadvantaged groups)
  • Categorizing behavior types within "classical" target groups, e.g. profiles within age cohorts
  • Identifying groups of homogeneous attitudes and/or behavior based on basic values or lifestyles (see e.g. projects pro:motion, Non-Routine-Trips)

The results serve as basis for developing motivation strategies (see INSPIRE) and for customizing information according to specific users’ preferences and needs, e.g. by providing personalized routing information (see e.g. project Crossing Borders or MyITS) or for specific context situations (see e.g. project KommStra) in order to encourage multi-modal lifestyles and support efficient information retrieval.


Our Services

  • Identification of major determinants of mobility behavior (factor analysis, PCA)
  • Classifying / clustering data for user group segmentation
  • Applying established segmentation approaches from sociology, psychology or market research (e.g. personas, social milieus)
  • Profiling (typologies, personalization)
  • Participant recruitment of specific target groups