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Innovative Lösungen für ressourcen- und energieeffiziente Verarbeitung von Leichtmetallen

The production and processing of metals play a decisive role in modern lightweight construction. Our research leads to more efficient, stable, productive and less expensive forming processes and to the optimal application of modern materials.




Components produced by bulk metal forming processes are indispensable parts for assemblies and structures.


Sheet metals parts form essential components in the transport industry, as example bodies in with in the automotive industry.

Mikrostruktur- simulation

Mechanical properties of final products, particularly strength or formability, are directly related to evolution of the material microstructure along a production line.

Prozess- und Legierungsdesign

In forming processes there is an intense interaction between material and process parameters.


Services/Unsere Services

  • Development of new forming processes (at laboratory and semi-industrial scale)
  • Optimization of process chains in sheet and bulk metal forming
  • Extrusion, forging and rolling on semi-industrial scale facilities including manufacturing of precursor material
  • Optimization of heat treatment processes
  • Material characterization
  • Damage evaluation
  • Numerical simulation of forming processes (forging, extrusion, cutting, …)
  • Prediction of simultaneous microstructure evolution and prediction kinetics along a production line.
  • In-house validation of models and simulations by using lab-scale and semi-industrial equipment


  • Quantum chemistry software packages, like WIEN2k, VASP
  • CALPHAD-based software packages for thermos-kinetic simulations, like MatCalc, ThermoCalc
  • In house developed material models for microstructure evolution
  • Finite Element based solvers DEFORM and LS-DYNA
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Forschungsteam Forming Technologies

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