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Smart Spatial Planning

The future of the urban isn’t on its way: we’re applying it now.

We develop and apply cutting-edge tools, while using big data and AI for smart urban planning and management. We believe that today’s complexities call for highly informed planning and decision-making. In our work, we help cities and private businesses to: build data-informed scenarios for their strategic planning; use AI to design new districts; visualise urban complexities; and identify which data and tools are needed to reap the potential of digitalisation


Our Services

Big data-informed strategic urban & regional planning

We help cities and regions to design highly informed strategic urban plans, and thereby to achieve the highest cost benefits and sustainability performances. We use big data to forecast urban and regional growth and to identify development trends for periods of up to 20 or more years. Based on these forecasts, strategic urban plans (e.g. master plans or agglomeration plans) can be developed and assessed alongside a comprehensive set of performance indicators, such as land-value change, infrastructural costs, return on investment for the municipality, C02

Rapid urban prototyping

Our team uses AI and urban big data to rapidly design districts or building entities that integrate a multitude of aspects, ranging from traffic to climate and energy. We then generate several scenario prototypes, which are assessed in terms of economic performance (GFA, ROI etc.), mobility performance (LOS, accessibility etc.), energy demand, climate/ecology performance and quality of built environment. Using this approach, highly optimised district and building prototypes can be created in a much shorter timeframe and from a deeper information base than traditional planning practice would allow. It lays the ground for highly informed decision-making during a phase of development in which project costs are still low but impacts on cost efficiency and project performance are quite large.

Smart city apps

We develop customised apps that offer new solutions for urban management. From air quality management to citizen participation. Our work equips stakeholders with new technological means unlocking undiscovered potentials in term of efficiency and cost-benefit. This what we call smart. 

Urban ICT strategies & city management centres

Cities are one of the biggest data hosts outside the private sector, but how can city data be used for urban planning and management? By using urban ICT strategies, our team helps cities to analyse existing data and identify cases for meaningful use. We believe that cities and regions will be managed in real time, and that decision making on urban planning will be based on having good information. For this reason, we develop city management centres where the essence of urban data is collected and processed in smart tools.

Urban big data exploration & advanced spatial prediction

We mine cities for information in order to visualise their future. We are engaged in new forms of data collection and employ the latest in cutting-edge technology, such as citizen sensing. The results obtained range from the identification of movement patterns—to plan bike paths, for example—to the identification of spatial qualities to predict people’s behaviour.


Our projects