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Summer School 2018


Transformation towards smart resilient cities: from Ambition to action

We are proud to introduce you to our Summer School

Whether you are looking to understand the latest urban development trends, to upgrade your skills in hands-on urban planning and development or to build new business relationships in an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural setting, the Summer School Programme and our team will help you to bring your know-how to the next level.

We are a leading Austrian non-universitary Institute focused on integrating the latest research and knowledge in to urban practice.  Our know-how is derived form extensive international experience and involvement in world-wide urban planning and development projects.

Our  interdisciplinary teaching team is dedicated to upgrading  your professional skills and to accompanying  you throughout the  Summer School.

Summer School in 5 modules

 Summer School teaching material is broken down into 5 linked modules and delivered in well differentiated segments, which will answer the following questions:

  •  Why Responsive Cities & Regions are significant in the context of Urban Transformation?
  • What is good practice in Urban Resilience?
  • What is Smart Spatial Planning and how can it benefit you?
  • What is behind the Energy Concious Cities concept?
  • What does Best Practice teach us concerning decision making and participatory processes?

What will you experience?

  • Dynamic, intense, engaging  and fun programme
  • Encounter high quality delivery of the key contents
  • Captivating  and co-creative sessions with your fellow Summer School participants
  • Site visits and evening events
  • Co-creation in ‚Urban Lab‘ and Workshop experiments
  • Interactions  with local experts and stakeholders
  • Application of the new methods and instruments in urban planning

What will Summer School do for you?

  • Instruct, inspire and provide new perspectives on existing challenges that you face;
  • Connect with other professionals and take advantage from networking opportunities;
  • Provide insight in best practice examples, processes, instruments and experiences behind them;
  • Build your awareness and prepare you for the digital-urban era;
  • Make extensive academic know-how accessible in a compact and clear teaching format;
  • Teach you new methods to approach existing challenges;
  • Stimulate, prepare and  empower you to apply the new skills in your daily practice.



Summer School in 5 integrated modules