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Transformation agenda for low carbon cities




The main objective of TRANSFOM was to design and accelerate low carbon transformation for cities.


Project description

The TRANSFORM project was set up and conducted by a consortium of six leading European cities (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Genoa, Hamburg, Lyon, Vienna) and several utility companies, commercial partners and knowledge partners. The focus of this collaborative programme was on accelerating the urban transition process towards low carbon city development and implementation. TRANSFORM enabled both quantitative and qualitative support for the integration of current urban energy strategies, and defined  alternatives and the most effective implementation pathways for cities looking to make a low carbon transition.


Main conclusions/outcomes/achievements

  •  Project website: http://urbantransform.eu/
  • Transformation agendas were elaborated for the six TRANSFORM cities.
  • Organisation of “Smart Urban Labs” and development of a “Roadmap for Making Implementation Plans”.
  • “TRANSFORM Virtual Handbook”: http://www.transformyourcity.eu/



Forschungsrahmenprogramm 7 der Europäischen Kommission (FP7)