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Monitoring concept for the Smart City Vienna framework strategy



SMART.MONITOR develops concepts and recommendations for the pilot process SCWR monitoring. These concepts and recommendations are particularly dedicated to SCWR indicators, data collection, management and governance processes. The project also investigates international success factors for smart city monitoring and integrates experiences from the reference cities of Graz, Salzburg, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg.


The monitoring should check whether the goals defined in the Smart City Vienna framework strategy are being achieved. The employees of the City of Vienna and the institutions close to the city should therefore assess the achievement of these goals quantitatively and qualitatively. The focus here is on joint, cross-departmental reflection on developments in the city of Vienna and the initiation of improvement measures. The implementation of the framework strategy target can thus be optimized and made more efficient. In 2014, the Vienna City Council adopted the Smart City Vienna Framework Strategy (SCWR). In the course of this, the City Council was commissioned to monitor the implementation of the framework strategy on a periodic basis. In order to fulfil this mandate, the pilot process SCWR Monitoring was initiated. In addition, this project is supported by the SMART.MONITOR research project.

The project is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Discussions are held with employees from all business groups to determine the requirements for an SCWR monitoring system. In parallel, existing data and monitoring processes in the city of Vienna as well as international approaches to smart city monitoring systems will be analysed.
  • Phase 2: In the course of workshops, indicators on the SCWR objectives are defined.
  • Phase 3: The monitoring processes are examined in more detail. In this step, the interaction of data collection, analysis, reporting and subsequent control is to be developed into a concept.


main achievements

  • The aim of the exploratory project was to develop a monitoring concept for the Smart City Vienna Framework strategy - a long-term, city-wide umbrella strategy
  • Important steps were the development of indicators for the goals defined in the framework strategy and the conception of a monitoring process



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