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Smart Cities and Communities Information System


The project objective is to provide interdisciplinary scientific expertise to monitor and analyse EU co-financed projects in the fields of smart cities, sustainable energy districts, and energy-efficient buildings. Carried out in the context of EU energy and climate change policies, the project results feed into European Commission analyses of energy efficiency, renewable energy measures, and innovation potential in the buildings sector — both in communities and in cities.

Project description

The Smart Cities Information System brings together project developers, cities, institutions, industry and experts from across Europe to exchange data, experience and know-how for collaborating in the creation of smart cities and an energy-efficient urban environment.

Launched with support from the European Commission, SCIS encompasses data collected from ongoing and future smart cities and energy efficiency projects. Focusing on energy, mobility, transport and ICT, SCIS showcases solutions from within different fields, including: energy efficiency in buildings, energy systems integration, sustainable energy solutions at the district level, smart cities and communities, and strategic sustainable urban planning.

SCIS analyses project results and experiences to establish best practices that enable project developers and cities to learn from and replicate. The project further provides recommendations to policy makers on support and policy actions needed to address market gaps.

Main conclusions/outcomes/ achievements

  • Development of a technical monitoring database that allows for collection of data from R&D projects with different levels of detail.
  • Makes qualitative and quantitative data accessible by offering information at different levels of complexity and aggregation, while corresponding to the information needs of different user profiles.
  • Analyses data and information, extracts lessons learned, and makes targeted policy recommendations.
  • Suggests market upscaling potential and facilitates replication in other cities.
  • Development of a web portal and other communication activities to support the successful replication of solutions.


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