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cc Mike Clegg

Climate Change and urban densification impact exploration



CLUDEX will examine the microclimate impact accelerated through urban densification by building height increase. Building height growth to height zoning limits will be modelled in an urban district in Vienna. Microclimate conditions will be simulated under current and future climate - and building height conditions by exploring wind fields and temperature distribution during heat wave periods.

  • Impact analysis for the 12th district of Vienna in different scales

  • Analysis: indoor thermal comfort, wind- ventilation, Heat Island effects

  • Guidelines for climate-sensitive densification of the building structure

  • Selection and discussion of test areas and adaptation measure with stakeholder involvement



CLUDEX examines the influence of urban densification under different climate conditions on indoor  climate and microclimate at street and rooftop level, using the 12th district of Vienna as example. First, wind fields and heat load will be modeled under current and future climate conditions. Subsequently,  the exploitation of the local building height extension potential will be modeled up to the maximum zoning height and the climate simulations will be carried out under future climate conditions for  selected buildings and for the closer neighborhood or the adjacent street canyon. Stakeholders will be involved to discuss adaptation measures and the effects on thermal comfort (indoor), microclimate and
wind conditions will be simulated to develop guidelines for a climate-sensitive building design, urban design and densification.



Austrian Climate Research Program (ACRP)