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Climate Services for Ahmedabad

Earth observation for urban climate protection concepts




The aim of this project was to explore and use the potential of Earth observation in developing a low carbon action plan in the city of Ahmedabad, India.


Project description

At present, the main difficulties in producing low carbon action plans for cities in developing countries are the result of incomplete, inconsistent or non-existent databases. In particular, action plans for designated urban areas require a spatial framework, including information on urban land cover and urban structure, as well as on changes in the spatial composition of cities. This crucial data can be gathered, analysed and provided using Earth observation (EO) technology.

Within the scope of the project, actual information needs for action plan development were defined and translated into EO-derived parameters. Based on these parameters, a set of geo-information products was designed using various EO-provided data sets. The results of the project were considered and evaluated within the framework of an expert workshop.


Main conclusions

  • Advanced Earth observation techniques can play a crucial role in the planning activities of cities with limited available data sources. 
  • Earth observation enables the recording of complex urban structures and their development for the elaboration of urban climate protection plans.
  • Together with locally collected information, Earth observation information provides a foundation for the development of cutting-edge urban planning services, such as low carbon action plans.



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