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Vienna Cyber Security Week 2019

International Multistakeholder Conferences - Training & Exhibition

Building on past success, the third Vienna Cyber Security Week (VCSW) brought together national and international stakeholders in critical infrastructure and in cyber security for conducting information exchange, confidence building and enhancing awareness of the risks and state of practice for digital system protection.

The third Vienna Cyber Security Week took place from 11th to 15th March 2019. Consisting of multiple tracks over the course of five days, the conference seeks to enhance understanding of current approaches for cyber security worldwide, identify trends, and to provide a global forum for discussion.

The following videos give impressions on the diversity of the themathic thrusts and tentative sessions.



VCSW19 - Announcement 01

Teaser of the 3rd VCSW - Testimonial Helmut Leopold (Digital Safety & Security, AIT)

VCSW19 - Announcement 02

Teaser of the 3rd VCSW - Testimonial Alexander Janda (Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich)

VCSW19 - Announcement 03

Teaser of the 3rd VCSW - Testimonial Thomas Stubbings (Austrian Government's Cyber Security Platform)

VCSW19 - Announcement 04

Teaser of the 3rd VCSW -Testimonial Joe Pichlmayr (CEO IKARUS Security Software)

VCSW19 - Announcement 05

Teaser of the 3rd VCSW - Testimonial Erich Alrechtowitz (ICT Security)

VCSW19 - Announcement 06

Teaser of the 3rd VCSW - Testimonials Sandra Heissenberger, Robert Schiscka & Sylvia Mayer

Comment by Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler

Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler on the cybersecurity topic at the 2nd day of the #VCSW19.

VCSW19 - Comment by Birgit Ginzler

Interview with key stakeholder Birgit Ginzler about the relevance of Cyber Security.

VCSW19 - Comment by Kemal Huseinovic

Mr. Kemal Huseinovic in an interview on raising awareness about how to deal with cyber threats.

VCSW19 - Comment by Thomas Greminger

Thomas Greminger emphasising the protection of critical infrastructures such as health, electricity or gas.

VCSW19 - Comment by Helmut Leopold

Helmut Leopold on raising awareness that our digital system & society is globally interconnected & has become a global critical infrastructure.

VCSW19 - Comment by Frans Vreeswijk

Mr. Frans Vreeswijk emphasizing that safe systems are essential in our digital world.

VCSW19 - Comment by Danny Bren

Danny Bren on the importance of the private sector in supporting governments to find quick solutions against the cyber threats.

VCSW19 - Comment by Holger Sontag

Holger Sontag on the importance of creating products that make companies aware of cyber security.

VCSW19 Comment by Nicole van der Meulen

Nicole Samantha van der Meulen emphasizing the importance of technical, political and policy aspects in cyber security.

VCSW19 - Comment by Reinhard Marak

Reinhard Marak underlines at #VCSW19 that cyber incidents are very complex nowadays

VCSW19 - Comment by Kathryn Rauhut

For Kathryn Rauhut the VSCW is a huge step Forward in bringing all different nations, companies and the Industry together

VCSW19 - Comment by Udo Helmbrecht

Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director at ENISA, illustrates that with new technologies we also have new challenges

VCSW19 - Comments by Ivana Kojadinovic

At #VCSW19, Ivana Kojadinovic was part of the special session "The role of Women in Cyberspace", the importance of this is also emphasized by Aleksandar Vratonjić

VCSW19 - Comment by Maria Leitner

Maria Leitner emphasizes the arising importance of artificial intelligence in the field of cyber security exercises and trainings

VCSW19 - Comment by Hannes Hübel

Hannes Hübel on new threats posed by the realization of quantum computers for our networked everyday life and the answer:a pan-European quantum communication network

Kick-Off @ VCSW19 - Stakeholder Voices

The Vienna Cybersecurity Week 2019 started with a grandiose opening

Women's Cyber Forum @VCSW19 Stakeholders

A sneak peak from day 2! The focuos was on "Women's Cyber Forum" and the Role of Women in the Cyberspace

Women's Cyber Forum @VCSW19 Stakeholders

Day 2 of VCSW19 another highlight: the vienna cybersecuirty week deals with not only the protection of infrastructures but also with women in this field

Stakeholder Voices @ VCSW19 (Part 1/2)

Everything is going to be connected and the more we are connected the more vulnerable we are - listen to some interesting thoughts at the #VCSW19

Minister's keynote @ VCSW19

Gernot Blümel: „Over the last 3 years, the #VCSW has become an important form for exchange for cooperation in this field of interest"

Stakeholder Voices @ VCSW19 (Part 2/2)

Listen to some interesting thoughts at the #VCSW19

Austrian Exhibitors about VCSW19

The biggest challenge for sure is the dramatic rise of complexity - listen to some voices of exhibitors at VCSW19

International Voices about VCSW19

Vienna Cyber Security Week is a conference that is much bigger than just "IT" and "Cyber" because the overall topic affects every part of business and life

VCSW19 - Vienna for cyber security

From 11-15 March 2019, Vienna was the hub for international players in the field of cyber security for the third time during the Vienna Cyber Security Week 2019