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M2M World of Connected Services 2010

Okt 13
The program of this year’s conference includes a great focus on vertical applications while also exploring what’s being planned in the European market, particularly in those areas where governments are taking an active role, such as Energy, Transport and Healthcare.

This year’s conference from 14th to 15th of October follows last year’s successful networking event, which attracted attendees from nearly every European country, Japan and Hong Kong.

The European population is decreasing, aging and becoming more heterogeneous. In Germany the percentage of people over 60 years old will reach 40% by 2050. This higher expectation of life and the associated extended aging process requires high value technologies for the Healthcare sector, aimed at assuring the elderly and infirm comfort  and security in their domestic environment.

In this context Helmut Leopold, Head of Safety & Security Department / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology will give an insight into innovative eHealth research at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology:

The availability of new information and communications technologies today allows us to pursue totally new approaches for a modern health system. However, in addition to classical medical care, a new and fundamental importance is being acquired – particularly given the increasing age of the people in our modern society – by fresh approaches in preventive healthcare for the population in general and care of the elderly in particular. The eHealth research group at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Safety & Security Department) is working on the use of the latest information and communications technologies in the field of telemedicine.

Date: 14.-15. October 2010

Venue: The conference will be located at the European TelematicsFactory in Berlin-Charlottenburg (http://www.telematicsfactory.de), based in the heart of the German capital.

Further information: http://www.m2m-telematicspro.de/

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