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NGI-Talk series: AI and beyond!


NGI Talk #3, in cooperation with OCG


AI is everywhere. Objects and processes are now using AI to improve their utility and simplify the way we interact with those systems. Speakers use AI to understand our preferred music, cars use AI to drive us autonomously to our destination, and insurances use AI to optimize their offerings. But how does this change our perception of technology and our relation to it? Is technology becoming more human or are we just loosing control as we can no longer comprehend how decisions are made and if we are interacting with a human or a machine?

In the third round of NGI Talks we want to discuss how AI is changing the way we interact with computers, how this can be utilized to support businesses and goverments, and what this means to our relation to machines.


  • Impulse Talk #1: Utilization – AI as a foundation for natural human computer interactions
    Speaker: DI Patrick Ratheiser (LEFTSHIFT ONE, Founder & CEO)
  • Impulse Talk #2: Practicability – Opportunities and regulations for AI in public administration
    Speaker: Mag.a Tünde Fülöp (BMEIA, Datenschutzbeauftrage)
  • Impulse Talk #3: Useability – How will AI change the way we perceive and interact with computers?
    Speaker: Dr. Christine Bauer (JKU Institute of Computational Perception, Senior Post-Doc)

  • Panel Discussion – Discuss the topic with the speakers
    Moderator: Dr.Mario Drobics (AIT)

  • Get Together – Continue your discussions with drinks and snacks


Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG)
Wollzeile 1, Wien, 1010 Austria


Admission is free. Tickets are available while stocks last. Click here to register.

Note: Photographs and/or filming will be taken during the event for documentation purposes. The images will be published for the purpose of reporting on the event on all communication channels of the event organizers (e.g. print, online and social media). If you do not wish this, please inform the photographer on site.