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NANOSENS 2010 - Call for Papers

Dez 02

Continuing the success in 2007 and 2008, the 3rd conference NANOSENS 2010 highlights latest developments of nanosensors for industrial applications!

Future trends in semiconductor and sensor technology foresee the assembly and integration
of devices at multiple levels, ranging from nano- to micro- and macroscale. The nanoscale provides enhanced performance, the microscale implements various material platforms to achieve a broad range of functionalities, and the macroscale enables interaction with the real world.

Important Deadlines
Submission of abstracts (oral and poster presentations): 22 October 2010
Confirmation for authors: 27 October 2010
Early registration discount: 7 November 2010
Closing date for registration: 28 November 2010

Please find further information online on our website www.nanosens.at