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Living in Technoscientific Worlds


International Conference Celebrating the Launch of STS Austria


The international conference "Living in Technoscientific Worlds", held at the University of Vienna on 3-5 December 2015, will celebrate the launch of STS Austria, the Austrian Federation of Science and Technology Studies, of which AIT Innovation Systems Departement is one of the founding members. AIT Senior Scientist Peter Biegelbauer will present the findings of a research project on the coordination of five Austrian ministries. Research, technology and innovation is a matter touching the competences of several ministries and agencies, making the governance of innovation a daunting task. Under the title “Engaging with the Future: Coordinating (Future) Government Activities in Research, Technology And Innovation” Michael Dinges, Peter Biegelbauer and Doris Wilhelmer from the Innovation Systems Department describe their – positive – experiences in a conference paper.

STS Austria is a new professional organization and a sign of the vitality of the field in this country.

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