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Successful PhD thesis defence on Rapid Control Prototyping for Smart Grids


Advanced development methods and tools are required by industry for networked smart grid components such as monitoring systems for controllers for power grids. New devices cannot be tested standalone any more but require complex testing and development environments reflecting the networked environment in which they are applied. In his PhD thesis, Engineer Mario Faschang has focussed on “Rapid Control Prototyping for Networked Smart Grid Systems Based on an Agile Development Process”. He defended his thesis on July 31st 2015 at TU Wien with distinction. “This work is a significant step towards new development support services that AIT can provide for industry in the upcoming years”, says his thesis mentor, Senior Scientist Friederich Kupzog from the AIT Energy Department.
In course of the work on his PhD thesis, Faschang worked as guest researcher at the OFFIS Institute of University of Oldenburg in Germany, fostering the cooperation in validation methodologies and advanced simulation tools for smart grid systems. Especially with regard to the AIT SmartEST Lab his research provides a good basis for future cooperation both with industrial and academic partners in the field of Smart Grid automation component development and evaluation. The PhD thesis is freely accessible from the TU Wien library web page.

Link to OFFIS: www.offis.de

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