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AIT Energy presents Smart Cities projects @ the Expo in Barcelona


AIT Energy presents Smart Cities projects @ the Expo in Barcelona

The AIT Energy Department participated in the Smart Cities Expo Barcelona. In two booths the AIT Experts presented projects and the EERA Joint Program Smart Cities Network. One booth showed the projects “Ready for Smart Cities”, “CityOPT” and EEPOS. The Smart Cities Expo gave us an excellent occasion to present our services and projects in front of an very much interested audience, so Doris Österreicher, Head of Business Unit Sustainable Buildings and Cities.

Project CITYOPT:

AIT Energy is one of 7 partners from 4 European countries, including research institutes, cities, energy utilities and a design studio. CityOpt`s mission is to optimize energy systems in Smart Cities. Applications and guidelines will support efficient planning, detailed design and operation of energy systems in urban districts. The Energy Department will investigate the optimal design and implementation of integrating existing buildings, their energy supply and storage systems, and the cooling system of RTA´s climatic tunnel into a site-wide energy system that uses waste heat to warm office buildings. The expected impact is maximization of waste heat use to increase energy performance and reduce CO2 emissions of the urban area modelled in the case study.


Project Ready for Smart Cities:

The goal of the project is to engage ongoing projects and initiatives supported through EU funding programmes and relevant stakeholders from different domains such as:

·         ICT software and equipment providers

·         RES providers

·         Energy companies, including ESCOs- Energy Service Companies

·         Construction sector companies

·         Local and regional authorities, NGOs, etc.


Project EEPOS:

The project aims at developing technological and business models which support energy trading in urban districts. The business models create a win-win situation for the actors in the electricity  an thermal energy markets.