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cc Thomas Depenbusch

Innovation Platform on RESPONSIVE CITIES & REGIONS Sustainable Urbanisation


Creating an EU-China Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation is complex and cross-sectoral by nature, aiming to engage policy makers, national authorities, industries, cities, academia, civil society and other stakeholders in order to create more sustainable cities. In URBAN-EU-CHINA, 12 experienced European and Chinese consortium partners from across the sustainable urbanisation value chain join forces to support the European Commission in its aim to make EU-China sustainable urbanisation cooperation more accessible, attractive, and rewarding for a broader set of stakeholders.

Promote and develop Joint Policy Strategies for EU-China cooperation on sustainable urbanisation.
Create a Nursery of Joint Projects, from a broad range of lowthreshold to a few high-performance projects. Promote Brokerage of City-Industry-Science Partnerships using virtual and face to face meeting places. Manage the Platform, its Stakeholders and Advisory Board effectively and inclusively.


The key barrier addressed by URBAN-EU-CHINA is the disconnect between strategic visions and targets and operational realities of time/resource constraints, language and cultural barriers, differences in planning/policy/ governance framework conditions within European and Chinese cities, and lack of effective bi-directional transmission mechanisms of transferable planning and  policy instruments for sustainable urbanisation. The key expected impact of URBAN-EU-CHINA is to
develop a robust, evidence-driven bottom-up approach to complement the existing top-down EU-China strategic approach to sustainable urbanisation. This will be accomplished via a coordinated series of actions including: a strategic R&I agenda, scoping and assessment, networking
events, peer-topeer exchanges, b e n c h - m a r k i n g and monitoring, and joint demonstration projects. By creating tighter coupling between city-level, national, and supra-national programmes, planning, policies, and projects, URBANEU- CHINA will yield a significant increase in cooperative
EU-CHINA R&I activities