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Physical Layer Security

Safe and secure electronic communication links are a key requirement for a modern society. We are investigating new methods to exploit physical properties of optical and wireless communication media to ensure safety and security.

In the optical domain quantum effects are used to guarantee security, hence nobody can listen to the communication without being detected. In the wireless domain, we devise novel communication methods for 5G systems for ultra-reliable and low-latency communication links, so that e.g. cables can be replaced by a wireless system in production environments or autonomous vehicles can be reliably connected.


Wireless communication links are a fundamental aspect for connected autonomous vehicles. In this scenario, wireless communication takes place between machines which demand fundamentally new communication system properties such as low-latency ...

Wireless channel measurements, characterization and real-time emulation

Radio communication between vehicles in intelligent traffic systems and connected automated vehicles allows the avoidance of accidents by exchanging position, speed, direction of travel and other sensor data. The verification of the radio systems and vehicle control units is cost-intensive, time-consuming and difficult to repeat. For this reason, the AIT is developing a real-time emulation of the vehicular radio channel.

Ultra-reliable low-latency wireless communications

The exchange of cable connections with ultra-reliable wireless communication links will improve the reconfigurability of future production lines and enables new production processes. AIT investigates and prototypes low-latency wireless communication systems to link sensors, actuators and processing units.

Indoor wireless positioning

We investigate and design accurate radio signal predictions tools using ray-tracing and propagation graphs. These prediction methods allow for advanced indoor localization solutions in a GPS denied environments (tunnels, office buildings, shopping malls). The AIT has know-how for beacon based Bluetooth low energy hardware infrastructures, as well as ultra-wideband and multi-antenna systems for high accuracy applications.

Real-time software defined radio algorithms

Future 5G wireless communication systems target a peak data rate of 10GBit/s with a latency of 1ms, enabling wireless communication links for connected autonomous vehicles or flexible production environments. We investigate and prototype novel approaches based on big data algorithms for high speed processing on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA).