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Experience Creation

Creating compelling experiences

Digital Technologies are becoming ever more complex and surround humans in more and more areas - they are becoming more and more part of our lifes.

Moreover, user interfaces become Enablers of innovations. This makes it increasingly important to look at people and their perceptions - and to ask how we experience technology, how users feel about digital products, which services they enjoy using and how easy they are to use. Therefore, modern methods are needed in many areas in order to optimize the interaction between man and machine, to design technologies in a user-friendly manner and to generate positive experiences for the user. We support you in identifying the latest interaction trends and analyzing existing interaction technologies. Together we develop the interfaces of the future.

We offer

  • Specialized scientific knowledge and advanced interface approaches (interface as a way to position innovative solutions) as well as validation and measurement of new concepts
  • Development of dedicated contextual user interaction and interface paradigms

  • Implementation of different levels of interaction prototypes (early mockups, conceptual prototypes, fuller scale prototypes, prototypes suited for different situational and contextual requirements)

  • The availability and further development of the Innovation Hub (see section 1.3) as part of our unique Technology Experience lab, with different construction kits, toolsuits, demonstrations, etc.

  • An innovative and agile methodological approach, allowing innovation besides a “waterfall development model”

  • Special interaction and interface approaches, such as strategies to persuade people to change their behavior and attitudes in different field, e.g. organizational information security (persuasive Interfaces)

  • Use Experience Measurement Framework as a way to evaluate different UI approaches