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Skyscraper in Seestadt Aspern

Energy Technologies in Buildings

Energy Technologies in Buildings

Energy Technologies in Buildings

The experts at AIT develop concepts and studies in the field of "Energy Technologies in Buildings", to promote the integrated planning, commissioning and operation of buildings. Our services help to increase the building quality throughout the entire value creation process, to shorten commissioning times and to maximize ease of use. In order to accomplish this, we develop simulation tools and methods for automation and acceleration of the planning and evaluation processes.

Through our services, planners and the TGA industry will be strengthened in their national and international competitiveness and prepared for the digital requirements of tomorrow. Our experts in the field of data science are working on innovative solutions based on data-driven performance analysis to optimize HVAC, systems and components that help reduce costs. In the long term, partner companies will benefit from the know-how developed in internationally networked research projects, which we know how to apply in a problem-oriented and customer-specific manner.


building simulations of Seestadt Aspern

Building Simulations

Thermal, dynamic building simulation is one of the most important tools for the energetic optimization of buildings. With the help of targeted modeling of individual use zones and rooms, architectural and building physics parameters can be varied and optimized to increase the comfort and satisfaction of the users. The plant and system simulation coupled with the building envelope allows the planner to test and optimize supply and control concepts at an early stage.

modern building made out of stone

Building Certificates

In addition to accredited facility assessments in various technical fields, AIT also offers the evaluation and certification of buildings according to ÖGNI and DGNB. AIT experts are auditors themselves, however we also support other auditors and companies with simulation services, especially for large and complex structures.

stylised image of skyscrapers

Data driven Optimization


New methods of intelligent measurement data processing and predictive modeling allow manufacturers and operators of buildings, plants and components to gain a data-based proof of the efficiency of their systems, to detect early problems and errors as well as the derivation of optimization measures during Operation.

Energy Base building in Vienna

Integrated Energy Concepts

Integrated approaches to development and planning are essential in the conception phase in order to solve the energy challenges in the target triangle of cost-effectiveness, sustainability and security of supply. At the Center for Energy, the AIT unites competencies and approaches from the fields of thermal and electrical energy systems, photovoltaics, electromobility and urban transformation strategies to develop future-oriented energy supply concepts and accompany architects, engineers and developers in the planning process.

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Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Roofs and facades offer great potential for solar energy use. In order to use this potential AIT develops and optimizes building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) components, modules and systems for planners, investors and building Operators.

simulation of a flow in a house

Training in Digital Planning

Due to higher demands and quality requirements, construction projects must be realized faster and more cost-effectively then ever before. This will be possible if everyone involved, including architects, structural engineers, building technicians and other specialist planners would use modern and consistent planning methods. To facilitate this, the AIT offers individual education modules consisting of a basic, practical and specialization module respectively. The Basic and the practical module focuse on three main subjects: the architecture, building services engineering (MEP engineering) as well as civil engineering.

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