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Smarter Together

Smart solutions for a better urban life


European “lighthouse” cities Lyon, Munich, Vienna), “follower” cities (Santiago de Compostela, Sofia, Venice), and “observer” cities (Kiev, Yokohama) are joining together to improve their citizens’ quality of life. This project is preparing the ground for large-scale replication, and ensures an in-depth transfer of knowledge related to setting up smart city business models and user-centric innovations.


SMARTER TOGETHER is a joint project that aims to improve citizens’ quality of life in cities undergoing transformation. The project focuses on finding the right balance between ICT technologies, citizen engagement and institutional governance to deliver smart and inclusive solutions. Six neighbourhoods in different European countries will experiment with innovative smart city components, including co-creation processes and high-quality refurbishment measures to explore new ways of adding value in urban societies:

  • Lyon, Munich and Vienna will implement the main demonstration activities in specific districts, monitor the results, and explore upscaling solutions at city level
  • Santiago de Compostela, Sofia and Venice will replicate key findings in targeted areas, implementing them in different urban and institutional environments
  • Kiev and Yokohama will boost the project’s outreach capacity through the sharing of urban perspectives from East Europe and Asia.

SMARTER TOGETHER will deepen knowledge and know-how in the fields of data management, eco-refurbishment and e-mobility through large-scale demonstration activities, user-centric innovation and sustainable smart city business models. Research and business stakeholders will benefit from the in-depth transfer of the results, which will prepare the ground for a large-scale replication of successful solutions in other cities, thus contributing to positive societal dynamics in European countries and beyond.

main achievements

  • Citizen engagement: Living labs are being developed within each demonstration area.
  • District heating and renewable energy: Demonstration activities include new-generation district heating systems with connected heat substations.
  • Holistic refurbishment: Each lighthouse city aims to minimize by 60% on average the energy consumption of buildings through deep refurbishment of existing building stock.
  • Smart data and services: Smart Data Platforms enable the development of innovative end user-oriented smart city services by increasing the number of datasets available, and by encouraging the development of new services for different user groups, such as real-time mobility application.
  • E-mobility: SMARTER TOGETHER provides sustainable e-mobility solutions that are co-created with local citizens and dedicated to end-user needs.  


European Commission - H2020