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SEAMLESS stands for Sustainable, Efficient Austrian Mobility with Low-Emission Shared Systems and is a major step towards implementing the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

At present, a large number of company cars is used in Austria, which are mostly assigned to individuals. E-vehicles are rarely used, as company vehicles usually have to fulfill different requirements (for example, short and long distances, private and business journeys). These range of requirements hampers the use of battery electric vehicles. Innovative corporate mobility concepts provide a great opportunity to foster the use of electric vehicles within corporate environments.

In SEAMLESS, different operational (e-) fleet concepts are to be developed, analyzed and demonstrated. In particular, innovative mobility concepts (car sharing in a corporate context with an increased connection to existing alternative multimodal mobility solutions) are to be investigated and demonstrated. The approach of the project is to consider the mobility needs of companies in a holistic way. Thus, both internal company fleets as well as inter-company, cooperatively used fleets are taken into account. Based on these two applications, different business and operational models are developed and analyzed. Key points in the introduction of new mobility concepts will be the integration and motivation of employees in order to promote the acceptance of such systems. In doing so, the needs and requirements of the employees are collected and analyzed in order to gain a better understanding and to develop appropriate strategies for moving towards new mobility systems.

In addition to these organizational, economic and motivational aspects, the technical implementation of such a system plays a decisive role. An innovative company-based car-sharing technology is to be developed, which allows a seamless and uncomplicated operational mobility. This includes booking and billing systems as well as corresponding route and tour planning components, which guarantee an efficient and comfortable use of the (e-) vehicles by optimized dynamic vehicle allocation and charging strategies. The intelligent use of buffer batteries and energy management systems to be developed aim at limiting load for the power grid and at fostering the usage of renewable energies. Finally, the developed solutions are to be tested, analyzed and evaluated during a demonstration phase. A transition to an operational system at the end of the project duration is a goal of SEAMLESS. Within the demonstration, particular emphasis is placed on usage behavior, economic efficiency and positive environmental effects.

SEAMLESS for Companies


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This project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian Federal Government and is carried out as a part of the seventh call of the “Austrian Electric Mobility Flagship Projects” programme.

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