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Patient Blood Management

Austria uses the 3rd most blood products and components in Europe. The project “Blutmanagement / Patient blood management”, sponsored by the “Österreichische Bundesgesundheitskommission”, aims at developing high quality criteria to optimise the use of blood and blood products. In the context of this project the eHealth Team of AIT develops and operates an electronic data capture and benchmarking service for blood use.

The blood and blood products use for elective indications is measured in 24 hospitals in Austria at a high quality level. The results will be compared to the results of a previous study conducted in 2004. A benchmarking of blood loss and blood use between the hospitals will be done as well as economic research.


  • Österreichische Bundesgesundheitskommission, Geschäftsführende Stelle der BGA: Bundesministerium für Gesundheit Sektion I, Radetzkystraße 2, 1031 Wien
  • ARGE Gombotz / Rehak / Hofmann vertreten durch: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Hans Gombotz Allgemeines Krankenhaus Linz


Gombotz H, Rehak PH, Shander A, Hofmann A. Blood use in elective surgery: the Austrian benchmark study. Transfusion, Vol 47, August 2007, 1468-1480.