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Image picture of an app and a measurement kit


The easyG toolbox is a software package for off-line ECG data processing and analysis under MATLAB. You can investigate all important time and frequency domain features. It also provides a robust QRS complex detection, single beat classification and analysis.

The toolbox is integrated into an IT architecture allowing direct use within research networks (as implemented e.g., in H.ELGA). This architecture supports import of several standard and non-standard data formats. The modular and therefore extremely flexible signal processing architecture enables remote and parallel processing and contains different data viewers and a framework for annotating signals supporting the validation and optimizing of algorithms. This equipment helped us to win the Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2011 which is organized by the MIT. 


  • g.tec - Guger Technologies OEG, Graz


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