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Telemedical Solutions

Health Information Systems

The availability of new information and communication technologies (ICT) enables new approaches to a modern health care system (eHealth) and assistance systems for the elderly (Ambient Assisted Living - AAL).

Future next-generation therapeutical approaches are based on closed control loops (Closed Loop Healthcare), in which the health status of the patient is continually monitored and the therapy adapted as needed. The latest in technology helps organize the cooperative treatment process on both sides (physician and patient) by means of asynchronous communication adapted to the specific working rhythm, making it flexible and efficient in terms of both location and time.

New approaches to intuitive, mobile data entry by the patient using Keep In Touch technology makes it possible to supplement snapshot recordings of the medical status (single measurements) with ongoing telemonitoring and providing the physician and/or caregiver with the data they need for individual therapy. These new functions and systems are embedded in complex existing IT infrastructures and evaluated and validated in the medical context.

In its Health Information Systems research service, AIT focuses in integrated eHealth solutions for biomedical research and patient-centered health care, working closely with the leading medical and technical universities both in Austria and abroad. 

We offer contract research and innovations in the following fields of expertise

  • Telemonitoring and Therapy Management

  • Biomedical and Translational Research

  • Biosignal Processing and Knowledge-Based Systems

  • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)