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Supporting Scientific Research

The Austrian Climate and Energy Fund has launched in 2010/2011 a funding programme called „Large solar thermal systems“, in order to support the use of solar thermal systems in industrial applications. The funding programme, which was prolonged in 2012, is divided into the following programmes:

  • an investment promotion programme
  • a supporting scientific research programme

The investment promotion programme is executed by Kommunalkredit  Austria AG; the supporting scientific research is undertaken by AEE Intec (Lead), AIT and ASiC.

Tasks in the context of the supporting scientific research

  • Execution of consultative workshops prior to proposal submission
  • Support in project planning and implementation
  • Development of  monitoring concepts
  • Monitoring over a time-frame of at least one year
  • Analysis of the results and feedback  
  • Derivation of research questions
  • Dissemination of the results in the framework of the ASTTP

Further information

Additional information on the funding programme  „Solarthermie - solare Großanlagen“ are to be found on the website of the Klima- und Energiefonds as well as on the site of the executing agency Kommunalkredit Austria AG.

First results of the supporting scientific research can be found here (available in German only).

AIT contact: Bernd Windholz