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Title: Smart and Inclusive Solutions for a Better Life in Urban Districts

Duration: 02/2016 – 01/2021

Project director: SPL Lyon-Confluence

Project partner: Grand-Lyon; HESPUL; Toshiba System France; ERDF; Enertech; City of Munich; Bettervest; G5; Siemens Germany; Spectrum Mobil / Stattauto; Invers; Securitas; Magistrat der Stadt Wien (City of Vienna); BWSG Housing association; Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG; Kelag Wärme GmbH; Siemens Österreich AG; Sycube Informationstechnologie GmbH; Österreichische Post AG; Fraunhofer; AIT Austrian Institute of Technology; Energetics; GOPACOM; St. Gallen University; Technische Universität/Technical University Munich; DIN; Algoé; Santiago de Compostela; Municipality of Sofia; City of Venice

Aim: SMARTER TOGETHER’s overarching vision is to find the right balance between smart technologies on one hand and organisational and governance dimensions on the other in order to deliver smart and inclusive solutions and to improve citizen’s quality of life. While people ensure sustainability, industry the necessary technology, governance ensures large-scale replication through its systematic approach and institutional learning.

The three Lighthouse cities, all large and dynamic cities of similar size, have selected different focus areas and pursue different governance approaches, and from the various combinations offer multiple opportunities to learn from their demonstrated innovations.

In joint efforts and a holistic approach, SMARTER TOGETHER delivers 5 clusters of co-created and replicable integrated smart solutions: (1) Living labs for citizen engagement, (2) District heating and renewable energies for low energy districts, (3) Holistic refurbishment for low energy districts addressing public as well as private housing, (4) Smart Data management platform and smart services for integrated infrastructures and (5) E-mobility solutions for sustainable mobility.

The demonstrations in the three lighthouse cities are accompanied by local Urban Living Labs and are embedded in substantial collective cross-cities and cross-party development, learning and improving as well as intensive replication and dissemination to maximise the project’s impacts.