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Centre for an Energy Efficient and Competitive Industry for the Future

HighEFF will spearhead the development and commissioning of emerging, energy efficient and cross-sectorial technologies for the Norwegian industry with the primary objectives:

  • Enable 20-30 % reduction in specific energy use and 10 % in emissions through implementation of the developed technologies and solutions; hence support the EU target of 40 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 27 % increase in energy efficiency by 2030.
  • Allow value creation for the Norwegian industry by developing 15-20 new innovative solutions for energy and cost-efficient plants, energy recovery and utilization of surplus heat.
  • Develop methods and tools for analysis, design and optimization of energy efficient systems.
  • Build an internationally leading Centre for strategic research within industrial energy efficiency.
  • Generate 6 KPN, 8 IPN, 6 DEMO and 4 EU spin-off projects
  • Enable competence building by educating 22 PhD/Post.docs candidates, 50 MSc candidates, and training/recruitment of 30 experts in industrial energy efficiency.
  • Disseminate and communicate project results; 150 journal articles and conference papers.

Project start: September 2016

Project duration: 96 months

Project partners: SINTEF ER (Lead), 14 Research Partners (incl. AIT), 37 Industry Partners

Funding line: Norwegian Call for "New Centers for Environment-friendly Energy Research”

Project website: https://www.sintef.no/en/projects/higheff/

AIT contacts: René Hofmann