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Annex 15

IEA-IETS Annex 15-2 Industrial Excess heat Recovery

International know-how transfer aiming to strengthen the technology regions Europe and Austria

Project Description

Within the framework of the IEA IETS Annex 15, potentials for the use of waste heat and technologies for their integration are collected, bundled and processed through contributions from national research activities. Recognized knowledge is disseminated at national level and integrated into ongoing research activities.

Project start: November 2016

Project duration: 26 months

Project partners: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (Lead), TU Wien - Institut für Energietechnik und Thermodynamik, AEE - Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien

Funding line: Research Cooperation International Energy Agency, 2016

Project website: http://www.iea-industry.org/ongoing-annexes/annex-15.html

AIT Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. René Hofmann