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District Heating and Cooling

image picture of the waste incineration plant in Vienna

Network of expertise in heating and cooling

District heating and cooling networks are key components of sustainable energy supply systems, especially in dense urban areas. The AIT Energy Department offers operators, manufacturers and planners comprehensive expertise in the implementation and optimisation of these energy systems – from scientific analysis and planning support through to the development of innovative operating strategies.

Our services

  • Analysis and evaluation of district heating/cooling concepts and operation based on monitoring data
  • Model-based fault detection and identification of potentials for improvement
  • Scientific planning support for district heating/cooling networks involving alternative heat sources and different technologies
  • Development of innovative operating and control strategies for the integration of distributed low-temperature sources and peak load reduction
  • Training of planners and installers

Your benefits

  • Reduction in fuel and pumping costs
  • Increase in network capacities
  • Identification of improvement measures for equipment and control systems
  • Optimal design of pipe dimensions and production capacities
  • Integration of distributed low-temperature sources

Praxis- und Wissensforum Fernwärme & Fernkälte

3. Praxis- und Wissensforum Fernwärme & Fernkälte (November 07, 2017)

2. Praxis- und Wissensforum Fernwärme & Fernkälte (November 15, 2016)

1. Praxis- und Wissensforum Fernwärme & Fernkälte (October 19, 2015)

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