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A secure, modular and distributed mobile border control solution for European land border crossing (AIT as Coordinator)

  • Funding: EU FP7, Capability Project
  • Topic: Development of an embedded and secure mobile system offering passport chip reading, active and passive authentication via certificates, BAC and EAC chip access, and biometric verification of facial and fingerprint information stored on the chip.



Smartphone-based, highly-mobile document and identification verification for identity checks of the future (AIT as Coordinator)

  • Funding: FFG KIRAS (BMVIT)
  • Topic: National (Austrian) project aimed at improving mobile document authentication and identity verification which will define the identity checking procedure of the future.



A harmonized, modular reference system for all European automated border crossing points (AIT as Coordinator)

  • Funding: EU FP7, Integrated Project

  • Topic: Establish and demonstrate a harmonised, modular approach for Automated Border Control (ABC) gates.



Proactive Enhancement of Human Performance in Border Control

  • Funding: H2020
  • Topic: Research project on developing smart and ethical future border control concepts for border crossing processes conducted by border guards (new procedures, new management and shift organisation), solutions for dealing with human characteristics in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of border control.



(AIT as Coordinator)

  • Funding: FFG KIRAS (BMVIT)
  • Topic: National (Austrian) project to establish an identity ecosystem using electronic identities for participation in governmental activities. A system has been designed that provides multiple identification methods for users on the platform.



Internet of Things for Cyber-Physical Systems (AIT as Coordinator)

  • Funding: FFG, teilweise “IKT der Zukunft” & BMVIT
  • Topic: National (Austrian) lead project focusing on research and development of methods, guidelines, and tools for emerging complex cyber-physical systems for secure and trustworthy implementation.