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Picture of a white high bridge, taken from below, surrounded by green hills and blue sky

Rail&Road Infrastructure – Acoustics and Dynamics

The AIT has an interactive system of measurement equipment including measurement methods and calculation software for building dynamics measurements, monitoring systems, condition monitoring, vibration and shock measurements for field measurements and associated software. This covers the entire range from data acquisition to building modeling and optimization.

This includes

  • Bridge monitoring systems (automatic data acquisition and processing)

  • Sensors and vibration generators for building dynamics measurements (electrodynamic shaker, laser vibrometer, vibration sensors, etc.)

  • Electrodynamic shaker for certified vibration and shock tests

  • Sensors for static measurements (fiber optics, strain measurements, total station)

  • Mobile Seismic Simulator MoSeS: mobile reaction mass exciter (15-25kN/ 1-80 HZ)

  • Simulation Workstation: Hardware and software on a high-performance computer including software tools developed in-house