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finger of robot and human touching

The future of care in digital change

The project investigates the work processes in domestic care and, together with the care staff of a social institution, Caritas Socialis, and conducts a pilot study (AIT together with the University of Applied Sciences of the BFI Vienna) to find out how digital apps can make everyday care easier. In a co-creation process, interviews with care staff and supervisors are used to develop a digital app. By actively involving the participants in focus groups, a custom-fit application app is developed that goes beyond existing digital app applications and benefits care staff and users (caregivers and relatives).

Key Words: Foresight, Digitalisation, Co-creations

Start: January 2020

Duration: 12 Months

Funded by:  Digitalisierungsfonds Arbeit 4.0 der AK Wien

Contact: Susanne Giesecke