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Austrian Materials Foresight

BMVIT / FFG initiated the study "Austrian Materials Foresight” in order to maintain Austria’s excellent position in the segment of materials and products in the future. A three-stage process was developed, which consists of the pre-, main- and shaping phases.

In a further process step potentials for disruptive innovations were identified in workshops with experts and via interviews. These potentials are in the fields:

  • Self-healing, damage-tolerant or highly viscous materials
  • New design and development methods for "tailor-made" materials
  • Materials for medical applications and endoprosthetics
  • Sustainable Materials and Recycling
  • Electrochemical physical energy production and storage

The fields “Sustainable Materials and Recycling" and "Electrochemical physical Energy production and storage” have a highest potential for ambitious impact in Austria (compatible with the existing competences, infrastructures, and industry).

AIT’s role in the project was to design and implement the foresight process.

Key Words: Foresight, Scenario Development, Structural Material

Start: April 2013

Duration: 18 months

Funded by: FFG

Contact: Marianne Hörlesberger