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HybridVPP4DSO - Hybrid Virtual Power Grids

The HYBRID-VPP4DSO project combines network and market driven approaches, in order to prepare electricity networks for future challenges caused by the energy transition.

Core issues of the project:

  • Identification of critical grid sections in the distribution grid
  • Simulation of appropriate measure
  • Experimental development of HYBRID-VPP algorithms
  • Simulation of the distribution grid
  • Tests in laboratory environment

Project aims:

  • The power generation from renewable sources must be better coordinated with the consumption of renewable electricity, for instance by activation and deactivation of loads and synchronisation of demand & availability.
  • The electricity system may be further optimized and stabilized.
  • Development of new business and service models for hybrid virtual power grids, which also offer benefit to the costumer.


AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

GEA Grazer Energieangentur Ges.m.b.H

TU Wien Institut für Energiesysteme und Elektrische Antriebe

Energie Steiermark Kunden GmbH

Energienetze Steiermark GmbH

cyberGRID GmbH

Elektro Energija D.O.O

Elektro Ljubljana D.D.

Energetic Solutions Jan W. Bleyl

The project is promoted by The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) program "e!Mission/Industrielle Forschung" - by order of KLIEN Climate and Energyfonds.