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image picture of a power measurement device, which measures a battery

Evaluation of full systems or components regarding performance, safety, durability and grid
integration with high power, high dynamics test benches on component and system level.

Cell and Battery

  • Accredited testing of electrical, mechanical, environmental and safety aspects according to IEC 61427, IEC 62133, IEC 62281, IEC 60068-2, UN38.3, ISO 9227, EN 1097-6; ISO 9277 and ISO 13317
  • Testing of functionality and functional safety with hardware-in-the-loop test bench and real system under controlled conditions
  • Components and cells diagnostic using multi-directional metrology incl. post-mortem analysis and in-situ technics

Power Conversion System

  • Grid integration testing according to national and international standards: VDE AR N 4105, VDE 0124-100, VDE 0126-1-1, EN 50438, EN 50549-1/2, BDEW, FGW TR3, CEI0-21 & CEI0-16
  • Performance testing according to EN50530 & EN61683
  • EMC testing, immunity testing, safety testing and fault analysis of relevant power conversion system components

ICT & Controls

  • ICT Interoperability testing (e.g. on SunSpec compliance)
  • End-to-end functionality tests from communication interface to power interface
  • Integration tests with external third-party devices such as sensors, PV systems & grid operator gateways

Storage System

  • Comprehensive performance evaluation of the complete storage system including the application of the system
  • System Integration testing including relevant components and services
  • Field test monitoring, data analysis and benchmarking