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Independent test of PV Storage Systems according to the BVES-Efficiency Guideline
(BVES-Effizienzleitfaden für PV-Speichersysteme).

Building on extensive laboratory infrastructure and 20 years experience in PV converter testing AIT offers
independent high quality testing of PV storage systems according to the BVES-efficiency guideline. The
test-portfolio comprises full-scale performance evaluation of power conversion equipment, battery and
the control system for DC, AC and PV generator coupled systems in the kW- up to MW-class range.

power conversion equipment

  • High precision measurement of the conversion efficiency for feed-in, battery charge, battery discharge condition at full and partial load conditions
  • Measurement of the steady state and dynamic MPP-Tracking efficiency (including EN50530 tests)
  • Standby and no-load consumption


  • Round-trip efficiency with full cycle tests at nominal and part load charge/discharge power
  • Evaluation of the net storage capacity
  • Measurement of battery losses

control system

  • Dynamic control behavior (step response)
  • Accuracy of the control system (steady state error)

AIT smartest laboratory testing capabilities

  • Testing of DC, AC and PV generator coupled systems
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems for residential application
  • up to 30 kW
  • Commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems up to 1 MW
  • Full emulation of AC grid, PV array, battery and load components

All tests are performed in a fully automated laboratory environment, enabling cost and time effective services.