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AIT Smart Grid Converter

industry's first four phase four wire converter

AIT Smart Grid Converter is designed for today‘s Smart Grid and emerging Low Inertia Micro Grid applications. With seamless transition between Grid Forming, Off-Grid and Grid Supporting modes, its highly reliable cooling concept designed to ensure long life time, broad range of connectivity options: IEC61850, ModBus TCP, SunSpec, and modular and stackable concept of increased power handling capability, the AIT Smart Grid Converter presents a perfect Smart Grid fit.

smart grid converter closed

AIT Smart Grid Converter (closed)


features and capabilities

  • Superb handling of arbitrarily unbalanced  grid current, voltage and load conditions
  • Grid forming modes: Droop, Virtual Synchronous Machine with Virtual Inertia
  • Grid Support modes: PV, BESS, Battery simulator, Grid Currents balancer, Active Front End,        Back-2-Back
  • Off-grid
  • Full four quadrant  operation
  • Active/Reactive power: full circular capability
  • Immediate control: P, Q, PF
  • Grid functions: Frequency-Watt/P(f), Volt-Var/Q(U), Volt-Watt/P(U)
  • Anti-islanding
  • Low/High Voltage ride through with Fast Reactive Current Response
  • Grid code and safety standards compliance


Specification Sheet Smart Grids Converter