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Image picture of a smart meter messurement device

The rollout of Smart Meters is a challenging process on a technological, organizational and business level. Network operators benefit from our expertise on Smart Meters to support their decision-making process.

The AIT SmartEST laboratory provides the necessary infrastructure to test Smart Meter functionalities and communication paths in preparation of a Smart Meter rollout. Our experts on data analytics offer broad experience on Smart Meter data handling and on how to optimally use the available data to maximize the benefit for Network Operators in terms of network planning and operation.

Our Services

  • Pre-field integration tests of Smart Meter infrastructure to verify functional design and validate use cases
  • Consulting on the definition of Smart Meter functional requirements and their potential benefit
  • Implementation of advanced Smart Meter applications to support network planning and operation. Examples are the use of Smart Meter data to identify the need for network reinforcement, phase balancing of single phase connections, forecasting applications and control of on-load-tap-changers
  • Expert advice on Smart Meter ICT and data management architectures and conceptual design of backend solutions
  • Data mining applications to support network operation by identifying events or anomalies
  • Evaluation and Cost-benefit analysis of Smart Meter pilot and rollout programs
  • Assessment of compliance with legislation on a European level concerning data protection and incident reporting, e.g. according to NIS directive COM(2013) 48

your benefit

  • Expert advice in preparation of a Smart Meter rollout on a technical and business case level
  • Comprehensive lab infrastructure for functional tests and validation of use cases
  • Increased Smart Meter benefits with advanced Smart Meter applications and Smart Meter data mining

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