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Over the past 15 years, AIT has built profound expertise in power system assessments, ranging from basic power-flow calculations and transient analysis to the design of complex control schemes to optimize grid operation.

A team of around 10 experts is available to deal with any advanced network planning and operation challenges. At their disposal is an AIT-developed flexible simulation environment, based on DIgSILENT PowerFactory® and extended with tailored data pre- and postprocessing.

Our service

  • Power system simulations including load flow calculations, transient analysis and harmonics assessment
  • Hosting capacity assessments & scalability analysis of solutions to increase network hosting capacity
  • Support with the deployment of innovative solutions such as reactive power based voltage control, on load tap changers, line voltage regulators
  • Support with the procurement process of new assets such as automated substations, battery storage, on load tap changers and line voltage regulators
  • Technical specification of solutions to increase security of supply: STATCOM, UPS, DVR
  • Design of ICT solutions for grid operation applications
  • Monitoring data analysis and Smart Meter data analysis for grid planning and operation
  • Trainings and seminars

Your benefit

  • Competent support for your network planning challenges
  • Combined expertise in power & ICT systems, controls design and cutting-edge data analytics
  • Vendor-independent consulting on new assets and support during procurement processes


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