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image picture of battery storage (in two cabinets)

AIT is a frontrunner in the field of battery storage systems, with key competences ranging from battery
cell development to power system integration. Our profound expertise is complemented with state of the art battery testing laboratories to support you in the procurement of battery storage systems.
Throughout the entire procurement process, we are your independent partner. You can count on our expertise to draw technical specifications, evaluate offers and perform acceptance tests.

technical system specification

Our experts translate your functional requirements into precise specifications on a component or system level, including:

  • Necessary functional requirements to provide the specified functionalities
  • Operational parameters and requirements, taking into account all relevant system variables
  • Specifications concerning safety aspects and system operation reliability aspects

All requirements are mapped against existing standards to allow the validation of the specifications during acceptance tests.

acceptance testing

To validate the defined specifications, AIT offers comprehensive testing, including:

  • Factory acceptance testing and witness testing of single components and the complete system using calibrated measurement equipment
  • Comprehensive laboratory assessment of performance, aging, safety aspects and environmental influences
  • Commissioning witness testing for the validation of the functionality of the system installed in the field