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When developing novel power grid components and solutions, testing those solutions efficiently can be challenging. Especially connecting a newly developed solution to existing hardware and software for testing purposes proves to be difficult. We developed AIT Lablink as an answer to this challenge.

AIT Lablink is a communication middleware that allows quick and easy coupling of software and hardware components. You can freely access the AIT Lablink core and use it for your product development. 

Several AIT Lablink clients have already been developed, while others are planned in the coming months. Examples are DIgSILENT PowerFactory®, OMNeT++, EV simulators and OPAL-RT. Using AIT Lablink, it is your door-opener to the rich-equipped AIT SmartEST laboratory and the available AIT Lablink-enabled components.

our services

  • Free access to the AIT Lablink core
  • Access to the AIT SmartEST lab infrastructure, offering several AIT Lablink enabled components and providing a realistic testing environment for your product development
  • Individual engineering support on rapid prototyping product development

your benefit

  • Access to a variety of hardware and software components to develop your product
  • Prototype testing under realistic conditions in the AIT SmartEST lab
  • Decreased development times and shorter time-to-market